The Simplest
Interviewing Experience

Goinvy is the simplest online video Interviewing and screening platform for recruiters.

What is GOINVY?

Goinvy allows recruiters to reach out to a larger pool of candidates without having to schedule personal interviews with each candidate.
Instead of just reviewing the candidate's resume, recruiters can now also get them to record spontaneous video responses to their questions.
It works perfectly for screening applicants and also avoids expensive video conferencing costs.

Five Simple Steps

Step 1 Build an Invy

Setup and INVY (online video interview) in less than 2 minutes.

All you need to do is

  • Specify the position you are recruiting for.
  • Type text questions that you would like to ask the candidate or even record video questions.
  • Specify the time within which the candidate should respond.

Step 2 Invite Candidates

You can publish the invy on your careers page from where candidates can apply for the position


You can send in personal invites to candisates via email.

No more scheduling nightmares. Recruiters and candidates can take the inetrview in their own time.

Step 3 Record

Candidates receive the invy link via email.

Once they read the interview questions their webcams are activated automatically and candidates have to record spontaneous responses in the specified time.

Step 4 View Responses

Recruiters can view the video responses from the candidates at their own time.

Video Responses provide more accurate insights about the candidate in a short span of time.

Step 5 Rate and Decide

Recruiters can rate the quality of the candidate's responses and decide on whether the candidate is a good fit for their company.

What is GOINVY?


It's Fast

With video interviews, you can interview 10 candidates in the same amount of time it takes to interview one candidate over the phone.


It's Cost-effective

Eliminate the cost associated with travel, lodging and work hours spent in interviewing and screening candidates.


It's Authentic

Avoid embellishments and fake reumes by validating candidates with spontaneuos video responses.


It's Smart

Companies scross the world have already adopted video interviews to improve their quality of hires and extend their reach to more and more capable candidates.

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